Blast Wind Title

Blast Wind

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Blast Wind, tecnosofts Masterpiece on the SEGA Saturn, its a very easy Shooter, everyone can finish it first try The vertical Highscore display is very unique and special. You can also choose the way of the game by pushing some switches. The price of the game raised alot during the last few months. Now its pricing […]

Star Soldier (Japan)-0

Star Soldier

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Its the Year 1986 O_o!!! Welcome to the second Episode of Caravan Shooting. Hudsons Masterpiece that shaped a hole generation of Shoot em ups! In the Video i played it first try after a long time, so thats why i died early at Stage 4 lol. Next game i probably try is star force, the […]



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Polygun! A New exciting Vector shmup for ios by swiss videogameprogrammer Raphael Graf! Move your spaceship by tilting the idevice left or right. There are two layers, up and down, warp by pressing the left button. the right button is autofire. Dont use too many shots to get a better accuracy bonus! Can you pass […]

gg aleste title

GG Aleste

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GG, Yes Game Gear! its time for some portable shooting action Starting with the first Sega Game Gear Aleste Game. Nice Graphics, Sound and a perfect Aleste Gameplay makes it one of the best Shoot’em ups on a handheld system. Many different weapon systems and power up’s to collect. i personally like the (H) homing […]



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Shoot’em up classic from Sammy (yes, the pachinko company). Unique Graphics, gameplay and music made it to shmup heaven. I remember played the AES version when it was released, they sold it for around 800$. i allways found it too hard to play but i wanted it badly. very challenging and with a nice subwoofer […]


Raiden III

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Programmed by Moss its not the long awaited seibu kaihatsu release, rather poor arcade port. i prefer the PC version because of its higher resolution. better go for a raiden dx, raiden project or raiden fighters the music goes straight into your gamingbrain and stays there until u play it the next time. buy raiden […]



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Bari-Arm (Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm called in the US) is an underrated shoot em up for the Mega-CD/Sega-CD. After some Powerups you transfor into a robot, thats really cool. There are 4 Weapons with 3 levels each. when u got hit as a robot u simply turn back to a ship and wont […]


R-Type III

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R-Type III the third lightning is known as the best shmup on the superfamicom together with gradius 3. The only thing im not so happy with is the music and how i suck in this game lol. need to practice some more. U got 3 Forces to choose from and 6 unique levels to memorize. […]


Parodius Da

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Second part in the Parodius Series. playing the pal version at 60hz, the music is too fast lol. Super Famicom Version looks way better, but the gameplay is nearly the same. Parodius is allways fun no matter which console. The Famicom version has some nice synth sounds and effects. search parodius da on eBay


Arrow Flash

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Arrow Flash is a shoot ’em up from sega, released in the year 1990. it has 3 weapons with level ups and options like in gradius. nice coverart, its a good addition to any shmup collection. in the video you see me playing tto the second boss and fail badly lol. find arrow flash on […]