Final Mission (J)

Final Mission

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Final Mission from Natsume is a pretty hard shooter in my opinion. Never loose the laser and allways protect your back. The Quality Sound could be from Sunsoft if i wouldnt know its from Natsume. Good Sound Effects and Music. The American NES Version got a funny name haha. Buy Final Mission on eBay



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Espgaluda is the second shmup from cave for the Playstation 2. it was released 1 year after the arcade release. Cave Bullet Hell at its best. In the video u see me barley reach the second stage with a continue. i like the technoid soundtrack. Buy Espgaluda on eBay

Super SWIV (E)

Super SWIV

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Super SWIV is a sequel to the Silkworm Series known from arcade, C64, Amiga etc. U can play either as helicopter or a tank. 2 Player coop mode is funny. Famous David Whittaker did the Soundtrack, its Amiga style sound. in the US the game is called firepower 2000. Find Super Swiv on eBay

silpheed lost planet

Silpheed: The Lost Planet

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Silpheed the lost planet is the sequel to the Sega-CD version and MS-DOS game. You can combine two of nine different weapons. no smart bomb or ship speed. its very boring gameplay but the visuals are great. some commanders allways speaking in the background making you to hate the audio track. If youre a fan […]



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Pulstar is the best Shooter on the Neogeo. Some People say its even the best Horizontal shmup. i think it deserves a total score of 9.0, its really a nice audio visual trip In the video u see me playing the CD Version Level 1. Find Pulstar on eBay



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Help the little Girl rescue her Father. Fly with the Prototype ship with various weapons and mechanics. 4 Ship-speed for accurate maneuvering through the diffent surroundings. i like the aiming shot, destroying the enemies, so you can concentrate more on the other objects. The Music is also very catchy. Find Gleylancer on eBay


Chotetsu Brikinger

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CD-Only Release from Saurus, a SNK Company. There are some Conversion, MVS and AES. The Graphics are pre-rendered like in Pulstar or Blazing Star. Overall a good shooter and rare, priced around 200$. Buy Chotetsu Brikinger on eBay!


Aleste Gaiden

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Aleste Gaiden was only released in a disc station series from compile as a sidegame. It has no score system and a few levels. still its a great game for every shmup and msx fan. Its rare and super hard to find on floppy. Find Aleste Games on eBay!

aleste title screen


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After Zanac, compile give away the rights for the name and continued the series as Aleste. Similar powerup system as zanac. Aleste 2 on the system is nearly unplayable, so i think Aleste is the best shooter on MSX. Its the only Aleste on Cartridge, the others are on Floppy Buy Aleste on eBay!