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Raiden III

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Programmed by Moss its not the long awaited seibu kaihatsu release, rather poor arcade port. i prefer the PC version because of its higher resolution. better go for a raiden dx, raiden project or raiden fighters the music goes straight into your gamingbrain and stays there until u play it the next time. buy raiden […]



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Espgaluda is the second shmup from cave for the Playstation 2. it was released 1 year after the arcade release. Cave Bullet Hell at its best. In the video u see me barley reach the second stage with a continue. i like the technoid soundtrack. Buy Espgaluda on eBay

silpheed lost planet

Silpheed: The Lost Planet

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Silpheed the lost planet is the sequel to the Sega-CD version and MS-DOS game. You can combine two of nine different weapons. no smart bomb or ship speed. its very boring gameplay but the visuals are great. some commanders allways speaking in the background making you to hate the audio track. If youre a fan […]

Dodonpachi_Dai-Ou-Jou_(Japan) 1

Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou

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Presented by Cave! You know whos doing the best shooters these days, yes its cave. im not a big fan of bullet spray shmups but DDP DOJ is not so hard for a game released after 2000. must have for PS2! i like the Saturn donpachis the most. if youre lucky you own an arcade […]