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Bari-Arm (Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm called in the US) is an underrated shoot em up for the Mega-CD/Sega-CD. After some Powerups you transfor into a robot, thats really cool. There are 4 Weapons with 3 levels each. when u got hit as a robot u simply turn back to a ship and wont […]


Arrow Flash

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Arrow Flash is a shoot ’em up from sega, released in the year 1990. it has 3 weapons with level ups and options like in gradius. nice coverart, its a good addition to any shmup collection. in the video you see me playing tto the second boss and fail badly lol. find arrow flash on […]



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Help the little Girl rescue her Father. Fly with the Prototype ship with various weapons and mechanics. 4 Ship-speed for accurate maneuvering through the diffent surroundings. i like the aiming shot, destroying the enemies, so you can concentrate more on the other objects. The Music is also very catchy. Find Gleylancer on eBay


Dangerous Seed

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Dangerous Seed is a nice arcade port with even better sound than the original. The ship can add 2 parts and change between the 3 formations. its a nice 1CC (1 Credit Complete, maybe even a 1LC, 1 life complete) megadrive shmup from namcot. its like truxton for beginners Buy Dangerous Seed on eBay!


Thunder Force IV

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Looking for a challenge? Thunde Force 4 is the sh.. Lost your powerup or lose the shield? youre doomed. Pushing the Megadrive to the limits, great graphics and superb FM-Metal Music. In the video you see me barely kill the first Boss. Its hard to play but makes alot of fun Buy Thunder Force IV […]


Musha Aleste

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Few Years ago when i had my big collection, musha aleste was my gem together with Blazing Star, Pulstar and other rare shooters. actually i never liked the game that much, but its a must for every shmup collection. i payed around 250$, these days you find a copy for around 150$ Buy Musha Aleste […]