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Star Soldier (Japan)-0

Star Soldier

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Its the Year 1986 O_o!!! Welcome to the second Episode of Caravan Shooting. Hudsons Masterpiece that shaped a hole generation of Shoot em ups! In the Video i played it first try after a long time, so thats why i died early at Stage 4 lol. Next game i probably try is star force, the […]


Parodius Da

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Second part in the Parodius Series. playing the pal version at 60hz, the music is too fast lol. Super Famicom Version looks way better, but the gameplay is nearly the same. Parodius is allways fun no matter which console. The Famicom version has some nice synth sounds and effects. search parodius da on eBay

Final Mission (J)

Final Mission

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Final Mission from Natsume is a pretty hard shooter in my opinion. Never loose the laser and allways protect your back. The Quality Sound could be from Sunsoft if i wouldnt know its from Natsume. Good Sound Effects and Music. The American NES Version got a funny name haha. Buy Final Mission on eBay

longnose goblin

Abarenbou Tengu

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Abarenbou Tengu (Zombie Nation called in the US) is a very unique and strange game. flying over america as a long nose goblin and destroy everything comes into your way. The Music is very dark as well as the gamedesign. Kinda difficult and frustrating game lol. Whats the use or message of this game? Buy […]


Silver Surfer

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Silver Surfer on the NES, shitty game but great tim follin soundtrack. u need 4 shots to kill a little green frog or you touch a little yellow duck and fall of the board lol. what they thought when they programmed the game? but the game is worth a try, just because of the great […]



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Gyruss for the Famicom Disk System is a nice Arcade port of the 1983 Classic. Its played like galaga mixed with tempest I like the Bach Music 8-bit remixed hehe we will listen the sound on the legendary z2300 speakers at the next gamenight. Buy Gyruss on eBay!



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Crazy Shmup buy natsume. Multidirectional scrolling with scary bosses. its like a r-type/splatterhouse mix one of the great shooters on the famicom. Check out the funny US cover. The game is quite hard, you see me dying in the second sequence lol. Buy Abadox on eBay!



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Recca! The Ultimate shooter for famicom. So many sprites and particles you cant find in another 8-bit game. no slowdowns or flickering, very well programmed. In Akihabara you can find the game for about 200$. its really worth every $ Buy Recca on eBay!

Gun Nac (J)


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Aleste Style Shooter from Compile. Playing the second level i found out there are Cigarettes and Lighters you have to shoot at Very Special Theme with the bunnies. Darius likes fish and Gunnac likes Bunnies lol. As with Over Horizon, Recca and Crisis Force the 4 Best Shmups for the Famicom. Buy GUN-NAC on eBay!


Crisis Force

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Crisis Force! Awesome Shooter from Konami, its like a tech demo, pushing the old hardware to the limits. Multi Parallax Scrolling and Konami like Soundtrack. Must have for the Famicom. After Recca its the best looking Shmup on the System. Buy Crisis Force on eBay!