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Gradius Gaiden

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Many people’s favourite gradius game. the first gradius with 3D objects implemented. you see me playing the first 2 levels in the video. I activated 10 force shields maybe, lucky me. The backgounds, Music and Controls are wonderful. it deserves an overallscore of 9.0 Buy Gradius Gaiden on eBay!

sexy parodius

Sexy Parodius

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If you like shoot em ups and naked anime chicks then sexy parodius is your game! play with vic viper or twin bee caracters in a wonder- & colorful gamedesign with classic music remixed. as we know from the first parodius. im a big fan of the series. i got no favourite because i like […]


Zanac Neo

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This is the last compile shmup release in 2001, in 2003 they shut down the company. In ZanacXZanac youll get the original famicom game as well as the new zanac neo with complete new levels, greater graphics, sound and gameplay. we will miss you compile