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Shoot’em up classic from Sammy (yes, the pachinko company). Unique Graphics, gameplay and music made it to shmup heaven. I remember played the AES version when it was released, they sold it for around 800$. i allways found it too hard to play but i wanted it badly. very challenging and with a nice subwoofer […]



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Pulstar is the best Shooter on the Neogeo. Some People say its even the best Horizontal shmup. i think it deserves a total score of 9.0, its really a nice audio visual trip In the video u see me playing the CD Version Level 1. Find Pulstar on eBay


Chotetsu Brikinger

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CD-Only Release from Saurus, a SNK Company. There are some Conversion, MVS and AES. The Graphics are pre-rendered like in Pulstar or Blazing Star. Overall a good shooter and rare, priced around 200$. Buy Chotetsu Brikinger on eBay!