Shmup Contest

hector 87 star soldier recca blade buster star force
hector 87
star soldier
blade buster
star force


1st: 1’035’050 points Geosnow
2nd: 989’050 points Keetraxx
3rd: 827’233 points Reinforced
4th: 749’916 points Melonpan
5th: 704’895 points Genfer
6th: 646’273 points Avenger


Interview with the Shmup Contest 2013 Winner Geosnow: whats your fav shmup?

Geosnow: dodonpachi dai ou jou how long u trained for the contest?

Geosnow: 30 years, I received my first shooter *Defender* on the Atari 800xl in 1983. which shooters u want to play next year?

Geosnow: There are so many and I still have to improve my skills. I d really like to 1cc at least the first round of DDP DOJ, Ketsui, R-Type PCE, Gradius III SFC and TF IV. which system has the best shmups in your opinion?

Geosnow: PCE, they are all so accesible and fun. As an example: with the Star Soldier Series you learn how to time your shooting and the most common formations. They aren’t really hard but play very well and there are many bosses. The 2min and 5min Games are great too. On the other hand you have many nice arcade conversions from Irem or Namco(t) and exclusive games like Sylphia from Compile. what was your first shmup contact?

Geosnow: Space Invaders at Alpamare Pfäffikon. The Cabinet was a weird yellow tall thing. I had to stand on a chair to play it. Luckily it was set on free play all the time. how many times u went to akihabara and how was your impression?

Geosnow: 2 times and it was great.

The Contest will be held on the 20th July in Zürich Kloten at Shady’s Gamenight!

Add the 2min score of every game together for your total score! 10 mins highscore action 🙂

were playing on a 20″ Trinitron CRT with logitech z2300 soundsystem for the ultimate experience!

The winner can choose a framed A3 shmup poster of my collection! A Video-Interview will be posted on 🙂

shmup poster



other impressions of the gamenight:

Melonpan, Keetraxx and Reinforced