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Gun Nac (J)


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Aleste Style Shooter from Compile. Playing the second level i found out there are Cigarettes and Lighters you have to shoot at Very Special Theme with the bunnies. Darius likes fish and Gunnac likes Bunnies lol. As with Over Horizon, Recca and Crisis Force the 4 Best Shmups for the Famicom. Buy GUN-NAC on eBay!


Crisis Force

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Crisis Force! Awesome Shooter from Konami, its like a tech demo, pushing the old hardware to the limits. Multi Parallax Scrolling and Konami like Soundtrack. Must have for the Famicom. After Recca its the best looking Shmup on the System. Buy Crisis Force on eBay!


Over Horizon

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Nice Shooter, the ship kinda reminds me of andro dunos. Great Level design and power ups. Some elements of R-type and gradius are implemented. look at the first boss for example 😉 its like a salamander or r-type boss. i like the game art as well as the logo design. Buy Over Horizon on eBay!