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Pulstar is the best Shooter on the Neogeo. Some People say its even the best Horizontal shmup. i think it deserves a total score of 9.0, its really a nice audio visual trip In the video u see me playing the CD Version Level 1. Find Pulstar on eBay



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Help the little Girl rescue her Father. Fly with the Prototype ship with various weapons and mechanics. 4 Ship-speed for accurate maneuvering through the diffent surroundings. i like the aiming shot, destroying the enemies, so you can concentrate more on the other objects. The Music is also very catchy. Find Gleylancer on eBay


Over Horizon

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Nice Shooter, the ship kinda reminds me of andro dunos. Great Level design and power ups. Some elements of R-type and gradius are implemented. look at the first boss for example 😉 its like a salamander or r-type boss. i like the game art as well as the logo design. Buy Over Horizon on eBay!